BitFest is organized on Friday 22th of April 2022 at Hämeenlinna University Center auditorium, in building C.

Häme University of Applied Sciences, HAMK
Hämeenlinna University Centre
Vankanlähde 9, 13100 Hämeenlinna
Building C, Auditorium


Access to the event is free and no separate registration is required. Only large groups are are asked for advance registration.

About BitFest Seminar

Bitfest is organized by Häme University of Applied Sciences Business IT degree programme. The focus of the seminar is digitality, but subject is dealt multidisciplinary from different perspectives such as entrepreneurship, business, start-ups, innovations and internationalization. 

The aim of the event is also to inspire students and companies to implement projects on the basis of their own passions and expertise in multidisciplinary cooperation. As one of the speakers in the 2013 BitFest seminar, Heidi Vesander (Supercell) said:

“There’s no need to be a huge business to do big things!”

The target of the seminar are HAMK’s students and companies in the area.


More information

Eveliina Toivonen
Senior Lecturer
Häme University of Applied Sciences